Night Sky

Seek the Stars

An exciting new development for 2022, allows me to share another of my passions- astronomy. Much like the nearby South Downs National Park, the Kent Downs can offer some amazing views of the night sky just 30 minutes away from London. 

Two unique Experiences in the Kent Downs

Starry nights

Imagine sitting with friends and family around a small campfire at dusk enjoying a warming supper, where the only sounds that you might hear are the rustling of a badger and the hooting of an owl. Look up and you find that above you thousands of stars are filling the sky with pinpricks of light that has travelled thousands of years to Earth. Around the fire we will be able to observe and familiarise ourselves with some of these constellations as well as hear some of the stories about how they were named.

Sun and Supper

Walking any stretch of the Kent Downs is an absolute pleasure, much of the footpaths have a naturally high elevation that is often blessed and bathed in sunlight. Individuals joining me on these treks will have a chance to enjoy a lunch or supper using locally resourced produce and ingredients before having the chance to look at our Sun through an Hydrogen-Alpha Telescope where we will be able to see a view like no other of our nearest star.

Dark Skies Matter Logo 2021.png

At Wild Classroom we are very proud to support Dark Skies Matter, an organisation that aims to highlight the importance of dark skies, not just for astronomers but also for the whole environment. Find out more about what they do by clicking on the image or link below.