With two decades of teaching experience across a range of ages and settings, by cooking with fire, I am able to offer an educational experience that is both enjoyable and relevant to your learners' needs. These can range from outdoor learning days, where children will learn how to cook healthy, seasonal food over fire to historical cooking days where children will be able to cook with ingredients and techniques used at the time. No experience is ever the same and I will always  liaise with staff beforehand to tailor the event to suit the children's needs. 

Some examples of previous primary school workshops include:


  • Victorian cooking day- fancy making a delicious soup from kitchen leftovers?

  • Anglo-Saxon feasts- ever tried pottage cooked over a campfire?

  • Stone-age food- No pots  or pans, just open fires and hot embers!

  • Roman cooking- the Romans were the culinary masters of the ancient world, find out why!

  • Food from other cultures- examples include Chinese stir-fries, Mexican Chilli and Indian curries.

  • Or a jolly good end of term feast with homemade pizzas and marshmallows to finish!

All food is high-welfare and locally-sourced where possible, as well as providing a chance for pupils to  cook and try food they perhaps would not have done before.

Wild Classroom Risk Assessment (Updated October 2021)