A place where I spread the word if it needs spreading and give away my trade secrets on request, many of which have been inspired by the children's workshops in Kent that I run.

Click on the following images or drop down the menu to find some easy and healthy recipes that will hopefully inspire!

Eat Like a Viking

Ever popular, very healthy and simple to cook. For many the image of food cooked over a warm campfire is linked to our Scandinavian forebears.

The reality of these recipes is that they were likely to have been cooked up by many North European civilisations over thousands of year and were not just exclusive to our friends in the North!

Chilli Time!

Some like it hot or at least I do!

Here are some of my most popular dishes, both meaty and vegan.  Jam-packed with flavour and simple to cook. These dishes taste even better prepared outside over fire!

image1 (1).jpeg

Roman Recipes

It is only until recently that life expectancy matched that of the Romans. As well as the many things they brought to these isle, their food and cooking techniques continue to inspire nearly 2000 years since they landed on the shores of Kent.


Apples, Apples, Apples

Living a 20 minute walk away from Brogdale, the home of the National Fruit Collection, it would be impossible not too include some of the recipes that I've used on my workshops and event days at this awesome location.


Kitchen Garden recipes

As someone who tries to grow as much food as possible in my own kitchen garden, it is of course an honour to work with the gardening team at Belmont where I hold many of my public workshops. Included here is perhaps my most popular dish, my vegetable stir-fry, which I have cooked with thousands of children, some as young a 3!