Thank You Everyone!

Hi just a massive thanks to everybody who has supported us in so many ways in the first week of our new venture. The list is long and if I miss anybody out I apologise! Woodfest at Belmont this weekend was an absolute pleasure (if tiring!), so the first thanks go to all the people who visited this lovely place and took the time to come and visit us in the woodland area, especially the young people who participated and made it feel extra special! Next we need to thank all the lovely stand holders, particularly Bob for the bunting and the Kent woodcarvers that were next to us, the whole day had a lovely feel. Obvious thanks must go to lots of people at Belmont, Danielle and Andrea for organising such a great event, record numbers I hear! Graeme for the lovely herbs which made our Pottage taste divine, Steve for the fantastic logs which kept our fires burning, and all the other people that made the day a huge success! In our local community people have been very supportive, we wanted to be plastic-free so the lovely people at Macknade came up trumps with the fully compostable cups when we struggled to find some. Chris and David at Edible Culture for some sound business advice for small businesses, as well as being thoroughly nice chaps! Kate Halfpenny and her husband James for tons of support and advice on social media and most importantly their enthusiasm along with their lovely son for what we are doing! Amy Parkhill ( logo's and designs impressed everybody here. Helen Banyard for help, photos, website advice, everything, thank you so much. I've even had some celebrity support three thoroughly nice chaps Niklas Ekstedt, Gill Mellor and Valentine Warner have all posted/tweeted their support on instagram and twitter (@wildclassroomuk), just wow! Most of all our lovely friends and family have been very supportive of our ideas and it means so much to us, it really does!

Thank you!

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