June Update

Firstly, I hope that you and your families are all well.

This is a little update about what we have been up to, and what our future plans are given the current situation.

I would like to say thank you to all of those that follow us on social media and viewed the Instagram live broadcasts during April and May. This was initially done as a way of being able to connect with my class and other local schools during lockdown, and while we had lots of those children join us online cooking along, it was also good to have so many other followers on social media join in too and give lots of kind words of encouragement. The Instagram Live broadcasts have paused for a moment, mainly as I feel that it is important to focus on my "day job" as a primary school teacher, although I hope to be putting up some online videos through social media in the coming few weeks, so please watch out!

With regard to future Wild Classroom events, I have been in contact with some of our local venues and event hosts, and while we would all like to be optimistic that some events may take place towards the end of the year, we also have to be realistic in the knowledge that due to government advice this may not be possible this year.

With regards to our own children's and adult courses, what we offer is a very hands on learning experience, and as a teacher I will only be opening up our courses when the advice for schools allows us to do so.

If there are any changes to government advice regarding events or courses, we will keep you updated through our blog and social media via Instagram and Twitter.

All that remains is to wish you all well and to stay safe!


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