July Update

Hello, I hope that you are all well.

As we enter the peak of summer, I thought I'd give an update on what is happening now and in the coming months.

Firstly we had the unfortunate but perhaps not surprising news that Belmont House and Garden's Woodfest has been cancelled. This was our first ever event last year and like so many others we shall look forward to being part of it even more in 2021!

While we would very much like to be part of some of the public events towards the end of the year, we are now focusing on school workshops and family courses at some of our stunning local settings. In anticipation of this I spent some time updating our risk assessment with a Covid compliant section. As ever, safety is of the utmost importance whilst still being able to enjoy a hands-on learning experience.

The unexpected time at home has also meant that I have been able to carry out further research into ancient cooking techniques as well as devising additional course content that I am thoroughly excited about! I have also had the opportunity during the past month to speak to some fantastic people about some potentially exciting collaborations in the future.

It has certainly been an interesting few months, but as things get back to "normal" any future events will always focus on our core values of Fun, Fire and Food using seasonal and local produce wherever possible.

Take care


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