August update- find us at Brogdale!

As summer begins to come to a close, we can now talk about our first post-lockdown public event.

Having updated the risk assessment to reflect the current climate, we are now pleased to say that we will be supporting Brogdale National Fruit collection, during their heritage fruit weekend starting this weekend (29th/30th August). These will be in place of the cider, pear and apple festivals that were due to take place this year, and will provide vital funding to the charity.

I for one, will be looking forward to creating some seasonal dishes over fire using the fruit from the national collection.

In addition to these days, I am pleased to say that our half term family cooking workshops on the 29th October have been given the go-ahead. Please note that bookings will be managed by Brogdale on this occasion.

I have spent the past month speaking to and meeting lots of interesting people and I am certain I will have more exciting news to share in the coming weeks!

Take care.


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