Cooking outdoors with fire is the most simple way to cook, so when did it all get so fancy? 

Gadgets and gizmos just get in the way. What happened before microwaves and dare I say it, spiralizers?  

I've always cooked.  Being diagnosed as wheat-intolerant as a young boy made me want to experiment with cooking a lot more. For over 5 years my father and I sold gluten-free sausages at farmers' markets, because they simply weren't available elsewhere. I am also the proud father of a 5 year old rye sourdough starter. But in recent years I've been getting all excited about keeping it simple. Getting outside whatever the time, season or weather and getting a fire started, rustling up delicious food packed with flavour.

Less faff more fire. 

I've been a class teacher for the past 20 years and have taught in different schools and key stages.

Wild Classroom is a combination of my love for cooking and teaching. My perfect recipe. 

With Wild Classroom I aim to share my knowledge of traditional outdoor cooking techniques as well as the flavours that only outdoor cooking can bring. Demonstrating that outdoor cooking doesn't have to just be bangers on a barbie or dampers on a stick.

We offer a range of skills that can be tailored to your needs, whether it's educational and historical workshops for schools, children's parties, team-building activities that provide a corporate lunch with a difference, or if you just want to learn more about cooking outside.